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Nutrition and Wellness

Improving the health and wellness of all Americans.


U.S. – Pakistan Relations

Forging partnerships of peace and understanding with Pakistan.


K-12 Education

Empowering an alliance for transforming
American education.

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care

Creating groundbreaking long-term care financing solutions.

The Problem

Deep political divisions and growing polarization impede the United States’ ability to make progress on critical national issues, frustrating the public. We need new problem-solving capacities to produce wise, long-term solutions that make sense to the majority of Americans.

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Our Solution

We bring together the key stakeholder groups whose cooperation is needed to find broadly supportable and enduring solutions to national issues. Often, our participants are the very interest groups whose disagreements drive division in public debate and in Congress.

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Our approach produces results such as: bipartisan legislation, civil society and business partnerships, changes in priorities of the policymaking and philanthropic communities, public education and awareness campaigns.

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