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Feb 23 2017

Rob Fersh featured in February 2017 issue of Policy and Practice

Highlighted in the February edition of the American Public Human Services Association’s magazine Policy and Practice, Rob Fersh is featured as a “hardworking and talented individual in public human services.” Interviewed for their ‘Do’ers Profile,’ he describes his work on human services issues and the pay-offs when people work together to address critical national challenges. Rob’s relationship with the APHSA has come full circle — having begun his career working at the American Public Welfare Association, as it was then known.

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Jan 27 2017

Rob Fersh on The Work Ahead

This past weekend we witnessed the pageantry of the Inauguration followed by protest marches across the world—each symbolizing timeless democratic values as well as the uncertain times we live in. We know that this election was divisive and different. Many wonder if we can come together as a country and find ways to bridge our differences. We believe that now more than ever this must be done and we remain committed to doing our part.

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Jan 13 2017

Pioneer Lab Participant Pens Blog Recapping Transformative Experience

1280x960.jpeg.jpgIn January 2017, Education Reimagined hosted an installment of its Pioneering Lab series, inviting educators to learn more about what learner-centered education can be and to exchange ideas around implementing learner-centered activities inside of the classroom.

Pioneering Lab participant and Atlanta based educator Anya Smith penned a blog sharing her experience.

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Dec 16 2016

How School Superintendents Explored the Future of Learning Together

Education Reimagined’s Kelly Young helps school superintendents use a learner-center approach in planning how to better use technology.

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Oct 27 2016

Rob Fersh Addresses October 2016 Leadership Council Meeting

We should treat others as we ourselves want to be treated. The Golden Rule does not stop at the water’s edge of politics and public policy.  So the first principle of all is about relationships and how we treat each other.

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Sep 19 2016

Convergence Joins the “Convenience Matters” Podcast

Convergence’s Project on Nutrition and Wellness project director Amy Slechta joins the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) “Convenience Matters” podcast to discuss how Convergence and NACS have been working to increase access to and the sale of healthier food options in grocery and convenience stores.

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Aug 11 2016

Education Reimagined Finding Growth

The growth of our Education Reimagined initiative has reached unprecedented levels, attracting influential funders and engaging an ever-growing number of stakeholders in building the learner-centered education movement. When Education Reimagined issued its Transformational Vision for the Future of Education in the US last September, we hoped it would attract attention as a bold new framework that could reshape K-12 education. As the first year concludes, we’ve seen a groundswell of support for this effort.

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