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Aug 24 2015

What Japan Can Teach Us About Long-Term Care

Chris Farrell, award-winning journalist and senior economics contributor for Next Avenue and American Public Media’s Marketplace, describes lessons from Japan’s own struggle with long-term care and mentions Convergence’s Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative in “What Japan Can Teach Us About Long-Term Care”, a recent article published on Next Avenue and  Read the full article here.

Aug 19 2015

Will We Really Be Able To Age In Place?

Beth Baker – a long-time journalist whose articles have appeared in the Washington Post, AARP Bulletin, and Ms. Magazines – writes about the coming crisis in long-term care and interviews several Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative members in “Will We Really Be Able To Age In Place?” an article on Forbes’ Next Avenue.

Read the full article here.

Jul 15 2015

Coming together on long-term care

On the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Forum, Stuart Butler, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and Convergence Board Member, describes the highlights of the principles to which the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative has agreed, including:

  • Older US adults and younger people with impairments must be enabled to live as independently as possible with the maximum choice of settings for receiving LTSS services.
  • Family caregivers need much greater support.
  • Health services need to be much better integrated with family-centered and community-centered services and supports.
  • People need much better access to affordable public or private insurance, with any public program or public support fiscally sustainable.

Read the full article here.

Jul 13 2015

Progress on Long Term Services and Supports

Lee Goldberg of the National Academy of Social Insurance describes how the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative may be “the first group in a while to create principles that span the ideological spectrum” and is hopeful that the Collaborative will support a much-needed resurgence in long-term care policy reforms.  Read more here.

Jul 13 2015

A New Vision for Long-Term Care

On, Howard Gleckman describes the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative’s new vision for long-term care, focusing on four pillars: “better integrating supports and services with medical care; supporting families; supporting paid caregivers; and leveraging existing institutions such as neighborhoods, faith communities, and workplaces.”

Jul 9 2015

How Liberals and Conservatives Are Working Together To Improve Long-Term Care

Read Howard Gleckman’s article about the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative on written on the occasion of the Collaborative’s release of principles and vision papers:

“We formed a group of strange bedfellows—people with little in common except a commitment to work together to solve these difficult issues. We represent providers, consumers, and the insurance industry, as well as policy analysts from across the political spectrum. Some of us are health care experts, others focus on long-term care… To help a group of people with strong opinions get to “yes,” we worked with the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, a non-profit that facilitates consensus-building on complex policy matters.”

Jun 25 2015

NCCOR Global Lessons Report

Convergence’s Project on Nutrition and Wellness is featured as an example of a successful public health-industry alliance for combatting childhood obesity in a new report by the National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR).

“More than 50 influential thought leaders work together to better understand incentives, messaging, and other initiatives that promote healthier food choices. Their unifying framework encourages cooperation across diverse groups and puts market forces to work.”

Click here to read the full report.