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May 7 2014

Good Prospects for Reform in Long-Term Care

Stuart Butler, Convergence Board Member, writes about “Good Prospects for Reform in Long-Term Care” on the JAMA Forum.

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Mar 6 2014

Healing the Divide by Ruining Lives

See the latest by Convergence President Rob Fersh in “Healing the Divide by Ruining Lives” on  It’s an inside look into the unique approach Convergence brings to problem solving.

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Mar 1 2014

MicroFinanceKids in Bethesda Magazine

MicroFinanceKids is a project run by two students at the Field School in Washington, DC together with Anum Fatima, a former Convergence intern from Pakistan.  The program is supporting families in Anum’s community to start and expand small businesses.  It was recently profiled in Bethesda Magazine.  Click here to read the full story.

Feb 9 2014

Teacher Leadership: The Only Thing That’s Going to Save the Education System

In this article from Education Week, Maddie Fennel (Nebraska’s 2007 Teacher of the Year) describes why she believes developing teacher leadership is the pathway to improving our education system.  She also describes what she is learning as a participant in Convergence’s Re-Imagining Education Project.  Read the full article here.

Feb 8 2014

With focus on insight, TEDxFoggyBottom draws spectators to Lisner

Aakif Ahmad, COO and Co-Founder of Convergence, gave a TEDx talk on Friday, February 7, 2014 at TEDxFoggyBottom. “The facilitation of individuals with different sensibilities and perspectives is a powerful untapped resource to unleash the creative powers we need to address the challenges of the 21st century,” Ahmad said.  To read more about the day and what the GW Hatchet had to say, read the full article here.

Dec 29 2013

Building Bridges of Faith with Pakistan

Building Bridges of Faith with Pakistan is a 30-minute television documentary produced for Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries with Intersections International. The program aired on ABC7 Chicago, December 29, 2013.

Tim Frakes, who produced the film, says: “Come with me to Pakistan and watch this compelling eyewitness documentary on the testimonies of key Pakistani and American religious leaders, who met in Islamabad and Lahore to explore faith-based dialogue, policy change on both sides, and building bridges of understanding and respect between our two countries.”

This US-Pakistan faith-based dialogue was made possible by relationships formed under the auspices of Convergence’s US-Pakistan Leaders Forum.  Convergence’s own Aakif Ahmad participated.

To view the complete documentary, click here.

Dec 4 2013

A new narrative on US-Pakistani relationships

As a delegate of the US-Pakistan Interreligious Consortium (UPIC), convened by Intersections International, Aakif Ahmad described his experience at the DC Interfaith Network’s November 2013 luncheon.  To read the full article describing the talk, click here.