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May 18 2017

Education Reimagined – Shift Your Paradigm podcast

Want to learn more about learner-centered learning and learner-centered leadership? Check out the podcast, Shift Your Paradigm: from school-centered to learner-centered, a collaboration between Education Reimagined and TLTalkRadio.

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Mar 31 2017

Education Reimagined Advances Learner-Centered Education through Pioneer Lab

Convergence’s Education Reimagined is building Pioneer Lab, a creative new model for a national community of practice committed to furthering learner-centered education. In a nutshell, learner-centered education focuses on the child and building flexible systems that provide each child with what they need to learn best.

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Mar 31 2017

Optimism During an Era of Deep Polarization

In early February, our Leadership Council met in San Francisco and heard from a dynamic panel, facilitated by Board member Rebecca Westerfield, on how our nation can navigate the charged political climate. Speakers said the election reflects deep polarization in our country, but expressed optimism about the strength of American political institutions and the desire of many to work across divides.

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Mar 30 2017

The Art of Listening

A new Administration and Congress are creating shifts in policy and direction. Whether or not you agree with the changes, it’s how our democracy functions. At Convergence, our work is affected by the times and the political winds but no matter who wins elections, our commitment to finding solutions that are informed by diverse and even conflicting points of view does not waver.

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Feb 23 2017

Rob Fersh featured in February 2017 issue of Policy and Practice

Highlighted in the February edition of the American Public Human Services Association’s magazine Policy and Practice, Rob Fersh is featured as a “hardworking and talented individual in public human services.” Interviewed for their ‘Do’ers Profile,’ he describes his work on human services issues and the pay-offs when people work together to address critical national challenges. Rob’s relationship with the APHSA has come full circle — having begun his career working at the American Public Welfare Association, as it was then known.

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Jan 27 2017

Rob Fersh on The Work Ahead

This past weekend we witnessed the pageantry of the Inauguration followed by protest marches across the world—each symbolizing timeless democratic values as well as the uncertain times we live in. We know that this election was divisive and different. Many wonder if we can come together as a country and find ways to bridge our differences. We believe that now more than ever this must be done and we remain committed to doing our part.

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Jan 13 2017

Pioneer Lab Participant Pens Blog Recapping Transformative Experience

1280x960.jpeg.jpgIn January 2017, Education Reimagined hosted an installment of its Pioneering Lab series, inviting educators to learn more about what learner-centered education can be and to exchange ideas around implementing learner-centered activities inside of the classroom.

Pioneering Lab participant and Atlanta based educator Anya Smith penned a blog sharing her experience.

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