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Nov 5 2015

The Shift to Digital Learning: 10 Benefits

Education Week’s Tom Vander Ark describes ten benefits of the shift to digital learning, including the ability to personalize learning in line with Education Reimagined’s vision for 21st century education.

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Nov 3 2015

The Art of Getting Opponents to “We”

Today (November 3, 2015), Convergence is featured in “The Art of Getting Opponents to ‘We'”, an article by David Bornstein in the Opinionator blog of the New York Times.

The focus of the piece is on Convergence’s approach to problem-solving as highlighted by the successes of our Education Reimagined initiative and our Project on Nutrition and Wellness. The piece asks: “How can any people with divergent beliefs hope to solve problems together when they rarely talk with one another?”

The article goes on to answer this question, taking perspectives from a number of people involved with our projects and Convergence as a whole, noting: “Since its founding in 2009, [Convergence] has been quietly connecting people with different priorities, beliefs and political leanings to build trust and foster relationships, so they can find pathways for cooperative action… The process requires skill to manage, but it’s not magical. Convergence has shown it can be repeated with reliable consistency.”

We are humbled and pleased to receive this level of attention to our work, which makes the case for why Convergence’s approach is timely and important.

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Oct 30 2015

The War On Partisanship

In “The War On Partisanship”, Rebecca Nelson, White House Correspondent for the National Journal describes where Convergence fits within the field of organizations working to promote bipartisanship in a variety of ways:

In a sim­il­ar vein to BPC, the Con­ver­gence Cen­ter for Policy Res­ol­u­tion brings to­geth­er stake­hold­ers to dive deep in­to long-term pro­jects—tack­ling everything from edu­ca­tion to U.S.-Pakistan re­la­tions. Maja Kristin, a former lit­ig­at­or in Cali­for­nia and Con­ver­gence Cen­ter board mem­ber who has giv­en close to $1 mil­lion to the non­profit’s ef­forts, calls that pro­cess “ma­gic.” She ex­per­i­enced it her­self, she says, dur­ing a meet­ing on nu­tri­tion and well­ness with Richard Land, pres­id­ent of the South­ern Evan­gel­ic­al Sem­in­ary. “I’m an old fem­in­ist,” Kristin told me, ex­plain­ing that she knew she wouldn’t agree with Land on abor­tion rights. But listen­ing to him talk about how obesity was af­fect­ing the poor in his home state, she real­ized, “We may not agree on one sub­ject, but boy, we can make head­way on this oth­er sub­ject.”

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Oct 29 2015

Expanding the Vision of ADR

In “Expanding the Vision of ADR”, Bruce Edwards (recent chairman of the board of directors of JAMS and cofounder of the Edwards Mediation Academy), describes new visions and applications for alternative dispute resolution and highlights the work of Convergence.

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Oct 19 2015

National Non-Profit Announces New Education Initiative

Marta Segal Block on HigherEdJobs queries: “What would happen if you put Giséle Huff of the Libertarian Jaquelin Hume Foundation in a room with Lily Eskelen-Garcia, president of the NEA, and told them to figure out the education problem in the United States?  Apparently, after two years, it just might work.”

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Oct 14 2015

20 Ways Education Will Improve by 2020

In “20 Ways Education Will Improve by 2020″, Tom Vander Ark from Education Week describes a number of trends and opportunities in K-20 education that will improve in the next five years, and how Education Reimagined’s vision for education fits in.

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Oct 5 2015

National convenience-store initiative launches here Square One tests family dinner kits in Bethlehem

The Lehigh Valley Business Journal highlights the Six O’Clock Scramble Fresh and Fast Family Dinner Kits pilot in Bethlehem, PA.  This was made possible thanks to a collaboration between Convergence’s Project on Nutrition and Wellness, and the National Association of Convenience Stores, among others.

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