California Health Reform

Convergence California Health Reform Initiative

Convergence is launching in California an inaugural effort to use our successful collaborative problem-solving methodology at the state level. Our California-based team is assessing whether our unique process can be used to tackle that state’s healthcare financing structure. Our effort would convene a diverse group of stakeholders who bring the information, knowledge and influence to leverage change — including health care providers, consumer groups, employers, payers, unions, and others. We are currently conducting interviews with key leaders from these groups and working to secure funding to support this work.

Our goal is to use our proven dialogue-to-action process to build consensus on a broadly-supported framework for health care coverage and financing of that coverage. If successful, the framework could inform the legislative process and lead to wise and durable policies to best serve Californians.

Convergence has successfully engaged in the healthcare issue at the national level, convening a national Health Reform Roundtable involving ideologically diverse and nationally respected health policy thought leaders. In August 2017, the Roundtable released its report and recommendations entitled: A Bipartisan Answer to “What Now?” for Health Reform.