Federal Budget Reform

Convergence Building a Better Budget Process Project

Release of the Convergence Building a Better Budget Process project (B3P) proposals on February 26 generated immediate media attention and interest on Capitol Hill.

Presented at the first ever Better Budget Process Summit sponsored by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, the proposals offer practical, politically realistic recommendations to improve the process Congress uses to manage the $4 trillion annual federal budget. Watch it on C-SPAN 3.

Participants of the B3P project identified five key steps that could help prevent future government shutdowns, reduce budget uncertainty and restore faith in our government.

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About the project
Each passing year brings new evidence of the need to repair the process for managing the $4 trillion U.S. budget. Budget resolutions and spending bills narrowly pass, often very late, with lukewarm promises of hammering out priorities in the following budgeting cycle. It has been more than 20 years since all appropriations bills were passed prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. With so many missed deadlines and little attention paid to longer-term budget priorities and oversight, it is obvious the process needs to change.

Beginning in November 2016, Convergence Building a Better Process (B3P) project engaged an unexpected coalition of budget experts, advocates, and executives who are deeply affected by the budget decisions Congress makes each year. Together this group, which reflects a wide set of ideologies and interests, developed practical, politically realistic proposals to improve the process Congress uses to manage its budget. The B3P project released their recommendations at the Better Budget Process Summit organized by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget in Washington, DC in February 2018… Read more