Re-imagining Education

Our Commitment: We are committed to transforming education so that all children experience great learning.

The Challenge: Designed in a different era and structured for a different society, our current education system is antiquated and unable to meet the needs of our nation. Our economy and society are increasingly at risk from an industrial-era educational system that does not consistently prepare all children to succeed as adults and is least effective for the children facing the greatest social and economic challenges.

The Project: In order to catalyze a shift away from the current standardized, industrial-era model of education, the stakeholders of the Re-imagining Education Project have created a vision for the future of learning that places the learner at the center, empowers educators, and creates strong and relevant ties to the community. In this vision, the underlying structures of the education system are fundamentally transformed to empower children to thrive and be prepared and excited for their future.

To develop this vision, Phase I of the Re-imagining Education Project engaged an extraordinary group of 30 influential and diverse education leaders, thinkers, and innovators in a dialogic and challenging process to re-imagine learning. Working with highly skilled facilitators, this process consisted of six two-day meetings over an 18-month period, with the last in October 2014. Together, the stakeholders grappled with difficult questions and challenged their assumptions both about each other and about how to create great learning experiences for all children.

They emerged from the process equipped with a jointly created vision for learning and committed to realizing its potential across the nation’s diverse communities. The project and its stakeholders are now actively moving together into Phase II of their work, with the following objectives:

  • To share and promote the vision;
  • To identify and connect those who are already engaged in activities aligned with the vision; and
  • To accelerate the paradigm shift from the industrial-era model of education to a learner-centered one.

In service of these objectives, the project and its stakeholders are serving as ambassadors for the vision by sharing it at conferences and meetings and in written form, through articles, journals, and other publications; hosting gatherings of those pioneers already experimenting with elements of the vision to give them the opportunity to share and learn from each other; and organizing an innovatively designed national conference to spread the vision to broader audiences and foster the environment for a robust network of pioneers working toward the vision to grow.

For a list of Phase I Participants, click here.

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