Education Reimagined



We exist to accelerate the transformation of our school-centered education system to a learner-centered one where all kids thrive and are prepared for life.


Designed in a different era and structured for a different society, our current factory-model education system is antiquated and unable to meet the needs of our children and our nation. Despite the best intentions of many players and billions of dollars spent, the system with its standardized curriculum, age-based cohorts, and classroom-contained components often leaves teachers exhausted, parents frustrated, and children uninspired and unprepared. Tweaks and changes are insufficient solutions to the challenge. Our system must be entirely transformed.


To rise above the current debates, a group of 30 ideologically diverse practitioners, business and union leaders, thinkers, and advocates came together over 18 months to reimagine education. They created a vision for the future of learning where the learner is at the center; educators and adults are empowered guides, mentors, facilitators, and teachers; and the community and the real world are the playground for learning. They envision a system where all learners are seen as wondrous, curious individuals with vast capabilities and limitless potential. It is a system that recognizes the needs of the whole child and creates the environment for learners to develop a strong combination of knowledge, skills, and dispositions.


Born from the commitment of the stakeholders to realize the vision, Education Reimagined is an initiative dedicated to the realization of learner-centered education in America. We are a growing network of pioneers–practitioners, funders, advocates, parents, students–from across the country already innovating with new ways of learning.

In partnership with these pioneers and our Advisory Board, we seek to accelerate the growth of a learner-centered movement by:

  • Identifying, connecting, and bringing together movement pioneers;
  • Sharing the possibility of learner-centered education and inviting people to join with other pioneers to make it a reality;
  • Empowering movement pioneers to share common vision and language, transferable tools, and emerging rubrics; and
  • Amplifying movement pioneers’ voices to reshape the public conversation.

We will leverage our website, social media, earned media, and communication toolkits to change the public narrative from reform to transform. We will host gatherings of diverse stakeholders to connect and empower a growing number of pioneers to share, learn, and create together. We will support the development of tools and resources for those exploring how to create learner-centered environments so that all children experience great learning.


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