Re-imagining Education

The Challenge: Our national challenge is to create a future where all children experience extraordinary learning.

Despite multitudes of public and private initiatives, the U.S. school system remains antiquated and unable to meet the needs of far too many children. Hot button issues, such as school choice, testing, and tenure, divide the leaders and groups who most need to come together to forge a new path forward to create an education system equal to the needs and aspirations of 21st century children and society.

The Project: We are convening an extraordinary group of influential education leaders, thinkers, and practitioners for a sustained dialogue to re-imagine education for the 21st century. Despite their differences and often conflicting perspectives, these participants are committed to transforming our national vision of education, defining pathways to advance that vision, and taking joint action to make that transformation possible.

The participants are eager to move past the debates and fissures deeply embedded in the current PreK-12 education system. Working with skilled facilitators, our stakeholders are creating a vision of learning that re-imagines what is possible for every child. Their work is being informed by the latest research and practice in technology, neuroscience, collaborative systems change, and student-centered learning.

After over 100 stakeholder interviews and research, the dialogue process ran from April 2013 – October 2014.  Our stakeholders are now working together on refining and sharing their new vision for education that can provide extraordinary learning for every child.  Watch this space for more information as it becomes available.

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