Nutrition and Wellness


The Project on Nutrition and Wellness (PNW) is a coalition of diverse stakeholders – including food manufacturers, public health experts, food retailers, community groups, healthcare providers, consumer advocates, health insurers, and others – working together to create a major, unified shift in obesity, diabetes and other nutrition-related conditions foods by utilizing market forces to increase consumer demand for healthier foods.

PNW is Creating Change

In Phase 1 on the Project on Nutrition and Wellness, these diverse groups came together around a common mission:

To make the healthier choice the easy, affordable and enjoyable choice through cross-sector collaboration that catalyzes and accelerates a shift in consumer demand.

In Phase 2 of PNW, stakeholders worked together to identify market segmentation opportunities to grow sales of healthier foods, developed innovative research and pilot programs and created retail-based programs to shift consumer demand for healthier foods.

To date, these programs include:

PNW aims to create measurable change in American food consumption habits by making the healthy choice the easy choice for consumers.

PNW is a project of the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, in association with the Consensus Building Institute (CBI). For more information on PNW, contact Amy Slechta at