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Dec 12 2018

National Review: Episode 48: The Future of Education — Reimagining Learning with Kelly Young

“Kelly Young, executive director of Education Reimagined, joins Reality Check to talk about her quest to bring learner-centric education models and methods to the forefront of practice in the field and tools and techniques to the hands of teachers longing for a better way to help their students accomplish more.”

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Nov 30 2018

Failure to Reform Budget Process is Missed Opportunity for Historic Bipartisan Change

“Washington, DC – The Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform’s failure today to reach consensus is a missed opportunity to improve the way lawmakers manage the nations’ finances and exercise their constitutional “power of the purse.” The Committee had a November 30 deadline to approve legislation to reform the broken budget process.”

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Nov 28 2018

Forbes: What The New Congress Will Mean For Medicare And Other Issues For Older Adults

“Long-term care financing reform. Earlier this year, Pallone developed draft legislation to create a public catastrophic long-term care insurance program. The idea, roughly similar to a proposal developed by the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative and a more detailed version by policy experts Marc Cohen and Judy Feder, would provide a universal benefit of roughly $100 after a two-year waiting period.”

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Nov 26 2018

The New York Times: The Return of the Chastened Establishment

“We could acknowledge that we are an evenly divided country. We could build the bipartisan governing coalitions and agendas suited to that reality. Fortunately, many people are opting for plan B. For example, the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution gathers stakeholders across the political spectrum and gets them working together on common visions — union bosses with Wal-Mart executives, teacher union leaders with charter school heads,” says columnist David Brooks.

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Nov 2 2018

CQ Now: Budget Podcast

Our Building a Better Budget Process stakeholder, Matt Owens, and B3P project manager, Mike Veselik, is featured in the @CQnow Budget Podcast with Jennifer Shutt. They discussed the B3P report, the work of the Joint Select Committee on budget process reform, and prospects for efforts to fix the budget.

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Oct 30 2018

The New York Times: Recovering the (Lost) Art of Civility

David Fairman, the managing director of the Consensus Building Institute, elevated our work in a The New York Times interview, “Recovering the (Lost) Art of Civility.”

“Organizations like our excellent partner Convergence are able to bring diverse stakeholders together for dialogue on education, health care, criminal justice and economic mobility.”

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Oct 30 2018

Exponent Philanthropy: Collaboration Across Differences: A High-Return Investment

“In a time when divisive politics often sends people to their partisan corners, funders have the opportunity to play a unique role as bridge-builders. By investing in efforts that bring together individuals and organizations from different sectors and viewpoints, you can contribute to reducing polarization while also laying the groundwork for more lasting societal change. Since no one person, party, or side has a monopoly on wisdom, it often takes the collective knowledge, resources, and expertise of people with diverse perspectives to create enduring solutions to the complex problems of our time.”

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