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Oct 30 2018

The New York Times: Recovering the (Lost) Art of Civility

David Fairman, the managing director of the Consensus Building Institute, elevated our work in a The New York Times interview, “Recovering the (Lost) Art of Civility.”

“Organizations like our excellent partner Convergence are able to bring diverse stakeholders together for dialogue on education, health care, criminal justice and economic mobility.”

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Oct 30 2018

Exponent Philanthropy: Collaboration Across Differences: A High-Return Investment

“In a time when divisive politics often sends people to their partisan corners, funders have the opportunity to play a unique role as bridge-builders. By investing in efforts that bring together individuals and organizations from different sectors and viewpoints, you can contribute to reducing polarization while also laying the groundwork for more lasting societal change. Since no one person, party, or side has a monopoly on wisdom, it often takes the collective knowledge, resources, and expertise of people with diverse perspectives to create enduring solutions to the complex problems of our time.”

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Oct 15 2018

Convergence Working Up Press Release

The Convergence Working Up project announces the release of their final report for increasing economic mobility for low-income Americans. The report was released on October 15th.

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Oct 9 2018

Greater Good Magazine: 10 Tips for Getting People to Talk Across Political Differences

“Our experience shows that people with widely different viewpoints on big issues can have discussions, find agreement, and collaborate.”

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Sep 28 2018

Roll Call: Shutdowns Seem Normal Now. We’re Frustrated Too

OPINION — The American people have told us time and again — in the grocery store, at town halls, and through phone calls and emails — that they have lost faith in Congress’ ability to get things done. We share their frustration.

With our encouragement, two members of the Joint Select Committee, Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-WA) and Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-TX) wrote an op piece in Roll Call urging Congress to take action.

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Aug 31 2018

Forbes: Three Close-Knit Education Conferences Making Big Impacts

“Like many of you, I attend a lot of conferences. When it comes to conferences, bigger is not always better. Here are three important education conferences that bring together a tight group of folks to make a big impact on our future”
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Aug 22 2018

Barr Foundation: Creating Space for Change by Asking, “Why?”

“Sometimes, a first step to catalyze change, is creating ways for people to see old things with new eyes. If we’ve been doing things a certain way for as long as anyone can remember, it’s easy to forget that the status quo is actually a choice – and that we have the power to make different choices.”

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