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Apr 22 2019

Workforce Central: “Uplifting Low-Wage Workers”

Russell Krumnow, Director of Working Up, and Lisa Schumacher, Director of Education Strategies at McDonald’s Corporation, join the program to discuss how to close the education gap for low-wage workers. Discover how Convergence is creating dialogues between stakeholders with differing views, and how they are coming together to break down barriers for workers.

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Apr 12 2019

JAMS Honors Convergence Center for Policy Resolution

IRVINE – The JAMS Foundation’s 11th Annual Warren Knight Distinguished Service Award will be presented to Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, along with a $25,000 grant, at the American Bar Association’s 2019 Annual Spring Conference today in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The award recognizes the work that Convergence has done utilizing collaborative problem solving to find solutions to the nation’s toughest problems.”

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Apr 9 2019

Reflector: State of the Region: Businesses urged to provide role models

“Several years ago, he and 27 fellow members of the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution asked themselves to imagine an educational system that was not based on the current model. The panel concluded that there needs to be a paradigm shift to center on the learner.”

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Jan 11 2019

BPC Podcast: Possibilities for Budget Process Reform in the New Congress

Michael Veselik of the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution and Sandy Davis, former Senior Adviser at BPC join BPC’s policy podcast to discuss recent work on budget process reform and possibilities for the new Congress.

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Dec 18 2018

Our Voices Matter: Podcast with Rob Fersh

Convergence board member and award-winning journalist, Linda Lorelle, launched a podcast with an interview with Rob Fersh. Entitled “Our Voices Matter,” Linda will host a weekly series of intimate conversations to reveal our common humanity.

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Dec 12 2018

National Review: Episode 48: The Future of Education — Reimagining Learning with Kelly Young

“Kelly Young, executive director of Education Reimagined, joins Reality Check to talk about her quest to bring learner-centric education models and methods to the forefront of practice in the field and tools and techniques to the hands of teachers longing for a better way to help their students accomplish more.”

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Nov 30 2018

Failure to Reform Budget Process is Missed Opportunity for Historic Bipartisan Change

“Washington, DC – The Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform’s failure today to reach consensus is a missed opportunity to improve the way lawmakers manage the nations’ finances and exercise their constitutional “power of the purse.” The Committee had a November 30 deadline to approve legislation to reform the broken budget process.”

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