Health Reform Roundtable

Convergence Health Reform Roundtable

The Challenge
Health care constitutes nearly a fifth of our nation’s economy. For nearly a decade political and policy leaders have engaged in intense debates about the design of our health care system, leading to insecurity for the American public about whether and how the system will serve them. There is a need for dialogue across stark differences to generate wise and durable policies that best serve the American public.

The Project
Working through Convergence, a small group of respected and diverse health policy thought leaders are looking to identify areas of agreement on key issues in health policy. Their efforts together began in March 2017. The group seeks to have a constructive impact on the Congressional health reform debates and to propose health policy ideas that can withstand major changes in the political landscape.

Through this effort, the Roundtable hopes to generate ideas that lead to wise and durable improvements in the American health care system.The Roundtable members continue to work together to create opportunities for agreement on federal health policy.

Health Reform Roundtable 2017 Accomplishments

Health Reform Roundtable members announced an agreement on proposals for Congressional action on health reform (click on cover to read full statement).

The agreement urges action before the end of this fiscal year, September 30th, and is intended to foster bipartisan cooperation on next steps for improving America’s health care system. It is the first legislative road-map for early, incremental steps to improve health care that seeks to transcend ideology and partisanship.


The agreement received coverage in over 100 media outlets including:

The Roundtable released two health reform propositions in an op ed piece in the Wall Street Journal on June 26, 2017. The accompanying press release highlights the recommendations and lists the signers.