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Education Reimagined is committed to transforming education so that each and every child experiences great learning.


ERlogo_Banner_RGBIn order to catalyze a shift away from the current standardized, Industrial-era model of education, the stakeholders of Education Reimagined created a vision for the future of learning that places the learner at the center, empowers educators, and creates strong and relevant ties to the community. To develop this vision, an extraordinary group of 28 influential and diverse education leaders, thinkers, and innovators came together for a Convergence-led dialogue process to reimagine learning. They jointly created a vision for the future of learning and committed to realizing its potential across the nation’s diverse communities. The vision was publically released in September 2015.


Education Reimagined, now an initiative of Convergence, seeks to accelerate the growth and impact of the Learner-Centered Education Movement in the United States, by:

  • Finding and encouraging learner-centered pioneers already at work in communities, school systems, policy arenas, and the education profession—to grow the number of active champions of learner-centered education;
  • Bringing diverse movement pioneers together who wouldn’t otherwise engage with one another and creating the conditions for their effective collaboration and innovation; and
  • Sharing the possibility of learner-centered education with a broad spectrum of education stakeholder groups—to attract new pioneers and to grow support for pioneering efforts.


Past and current funders include: the American Federation of Teachers, the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust, Eucalyptus Foundation, the Jon and Darla Fisher Foundation, the Helmsley Charitable Trust, the Jaquelin Hume Foundation, KnowledgeWorks, LEGO Education, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Microsoft, the National Education Association, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, New Profit, the NoVo Foundation, the Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund, Startup:Education, and individual donors.


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