Education Reimagined


In six short years, Education Reimagined grew from a Convergence dialogue among leaders across the educational spectrum to an independent national organization that began in January of 2019. Education Reimagined is dedicated to transforming the educational system to a learner-centered one that focuses on the needs of each child.

Convergence captured this remarkable story in our new case study designed to share tips and tools to help others in their own bridge building work.

Education Reimagined’s mission is guided by a vision for the future of learning that places the learner at the center, empowers educators, and creates strong and relevant ties to the community; an approach that shifts away from the current standardized, industrial-era model of education. To develop this vision, an extraordinary group of 28 influential and diverse education leaders, thinkers, and innovators came together in April 2013 for a Convergence-led dialogue process to reimagine learning.

Today, Education Reimagined is armed with a powerful vision for a transformed education system. It brings together hundreds educators, policy advocates, students, and other leaders to discover what they can do collectively to advance the vision. Visit their website.

Learn more about Education Reimagined’s programs:

  • The Learning Lab involves educators in building new models and demonstrating that learner-centered education can address today’s most pressing education challenges.
  • SparkHouse ignites young learners to be powerful ambassadors for and leaders of the national learner-centered movement.
  • The Movement Builder Network harnesses the power of national and regional actors to accelerate the movement.