LTCFC Final Recommendations

Press Conference SpeakersIn February 2016, the Collaborative released its final recommendations at a national press conference in Washington, DC.  These recommendations call for a wise combination of public and private actions to meet this critical and growing need. The group’s recommendations help to break a decades-old policy gridlock, and would, if enacted, provide millions of elderly or disabled Americans the ability to afford far better long-term supports and services.

The Collaborative proposed:

  • Clear private and public roles for long-term care financing.
  • A new universal catastrophic long-term care insurance program. This would shift today’s welfare-based system to an insurance model.
  • Redefining Medicaid LTSS to empower greater autonomy and choice in services and settings.
  • Encouraging private long-term care insurance initiatives to lower cost and increase enrollment.
  • Increasing retirement savings and improving public education on long-term care costs and needs.

The press conference received significant media attention, resulting in coverage in over 50 stories in national and trade media including USA Today, US News and World Report, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, and CNBC among others. Alice Rivlin, former Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve and founding director of the Congressional Budget Office, keynoted the press conference. The release of this report helped prompt the first Congressional hearing on the subject in several years. Collaborative members remain engaged in efforts to pass needed reforms.

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