PNW/NACS Partnership

The Project on Nutrition and Wellness has partnered with the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) and its members to grow sales of healthier foods and beverages at convenience stores.

amy-on-podcast-1Listen to NACS’s Convenience Matters “Pulling Together” podcast episode where PNW Project Manager, Amy Slechta, joins a discussion with Jeff Lenard, VP of Strategic Industry Initiatives, NACS and John Eichberger, Executive Director, Fuels Institute. Jeff, John and Amy talk about the importance of collaboration and the success of PNW & NACS’s partnership to date.

PNW & NACs Partnership

Since 2015, PNW has been working with NACS and its members as part of NACS’s reFresh Initiative. The NACS-PNW partnership has been successful in advancing NACS’s reFresh initiative by developing cross sector relationships, executing three in-store pilot tests, and developing an online toolkit to help all NACS members market and sell healthier foods and beverages.

  • The reFresh toolkit features 8 evidence-based strategies convenience stores can implement to grow sales. Strategies include product placement, marketing, message displays and capitalizing on consumers’ desire for convenience by offering more grab-and-go foods and beverages. Check out the NACS reFresh toolkit!
  • PNW & NACS are continuing to test new evidence-based strategies by partnering with NACS members and the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab to pilot test additional in-store tactics to grow sales of healthier foods and beverages.