PNW Grocery Retail Scorecard

The Grocery Retail Scorecard is is designed to help retailers meet growing consumer demand for healthy and “better-for-you” foods and beverages. It is a set of 90 evidence-based strategies that grocery retailers can implement in their stores to grow sales of healthier foods and beverages. These changes are of little or no cost to the retailer.

Sample strategies from the Grocery Retail Scorecard include:

  • Offering a sample of a fruit or vegetable increases sales of that item.
  • Putting an arrow on the floor directing costumers towards the produce section increases sales of produce.
  • Putting ‘better-for-you’ items at eye level increases sales of those items.

The Grocery Retail Scorecard was developed by the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, in partnership with the Project on Nutrition and Wellness. National grocery retailer chains and public health advocates were involved throughout the development of the Scorecard.

Development of the Scorecard was supported by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.